Restalk allows licensed cultivators to focus on farming without wasting man hours, valuable square footage and energy on inefficient waste management practices which can often lead to bacteria, mold fines and or unwanted attention at your facility. Our employees will discretely and securely collect, transport and process the agricultural waste in a joint effort amongst sustainable cultivators and the communities they serve. It is our intent to usher in a new era of cannabis cultivation; one which doesn’t simply take from local communities but works in concert to cultivate responsibly. 

By implementing recycling programs and services like Restalk the cannabis and hemp industries can begin to actively and tangibly reduce the carbon footprint of cultivation sites throughout the country. Restalk provides traceability, environmental accountability and reduces potential public heath and safety concerns associated with recreational and medical cannabis cultivation sites. Restalk has aligned its efforts with larger scale cultivators, businesses along with local and state officials to implement practical environmental procedures, uses and strategies for the bio waste created within communities from cannabis cultivation.